To facilitate you in the process of payment to us below we provide multiple payment methods, including:

  • After making a reservation, make sure you receive a confirmation from us because in the confirmation of the information contained payment deadline (due date) and your payment details.
  • Make deposite payment or full payment before the due date that we set in order to avoid cancellation of the reservation. It also aims to convince us that you are serious about using our services and not a fictitious visitors.
  • Payment can be made through Bank Account:
Payment Lombok Fantastic
Payment Methode Lombok Fantastic
  • Please confirm your payment via email, phone, SMS, BBM, or chat if you have made the payment bill.
  • Once your payment is confirmed, then we will send the voucher via email or fax as proof of your payment has been received as well as a sign. We were taken to Lombok voucher as proof that you are the one who becomes our client.
  • For the rest of the payment can be done when the bill arrived in Lombok. Payment can be by cash to the Guide / driver, or directly to our office.
  • We will send you a receipt and voucher Payment via email, Facebook, or BBM as proof of your payment once proof of Mr / Ms will get our best service.
  • For Paypal payment we give you extra charge $18 every order in all packages.