Rinjani Trekking


  • Pick up in your hotel at 05.00 AM in the morning and than we drop you up to sembalun village about 3,5 hours from the first point/Hotel.
  • When we arrived at Sembalun Village then meet with the guide and your Porters there and before starting the trekking team will provide breakfast first.
  • After preparing all that you need then we will be start of your trekking with guide and the ┬áPorters to get to POS 1 ( First Post ).
  • When we arrived at POS 1 ( First Post ) your guide will give you some water also some snacks then we will be continue to get POS 2 ( Second Post ).
  • At POS 2 ( Second Post ) we taking a break and the Porters prepare for the lunch.
  • After lunch we continue to get POS 3 ( Third Post ) and when we arrived at POST 3 your guide give your water and some snacks and then go to First Rim ( Sembalun Rim ).
  • When we Arriving at Sembalun Rim we rested for dinner and once for an overnight stay. Porter will prepare for dinner.
  • At 02.30 AM in the morning your grup going up to the summit and then you will be arrive at summit around.


  • At 05.30 AM when sunrise coming up you will be back down and get your breakfast after that all of your grup back down to POST 3 and continue to POST 2 and in POST 2 you get your lunch after lunch continue to POST 1 and get to sembalun village.
  • In the Sembalun Village our driver is ready to drive you back to the inn (Hotel)

package inlcude